between love and love


The course of true love never did run smooth but we made it and it made us 🙂

We met back in ’04 during highschool when my parents had sent me back to the Philippines to continue the rest of highschool and onto college for nursing. It wasnt love at first sight but rather friends at first sight. Anyway we were friends for over a year until feelings started kickin in. I knew I had started to fall but I wasnt sure of her intentions coz she was a straight person until I started feeling like things were getting mutual. You know how they say love cannot be defined or explained but only felt, thats practically our story. We became a couple in ’05. After we graduated highschool in ’07, we had gone on to college, we didnt go to the same school so eventhough we were only an hour and a half away you can say we were in a long distance relationship for 4 years. So we both graduated in ’11 from BSNursing. I was getting ready to come back to the US and she was getting ready to take the Philippine board exam. So I came back here, worked for awhile, we were on e again in a long distance relationship and somewhere down the line we fell apart.After a year I went back to the philippines for a looong vacation ,we saw each other and things fell back into place.Once again we were in a long distance relationship for over a year then I went to the Philippines again for a vacation to visit her and family. When I came back to the US they had just struck down the DOMA and the ban of same sex marriage in California. I had no doubt in my mind this day would ever come.I can finally bring her here in the United States and be with her. We filled for her petition and after a few months I was picking her up from the airport. She came back with my mom as my mom was coming back here from the Philippines as well. We got married in South Lake Tahoe on October 26,2014.


After that we lived in my parents house for a few months then we moved out 

 and got our own place. We are now both working and paying bills and living happily ever after. The End.


True love cannot be defined by any means. it’s a cluster of adjectives; it’s crazy, passionate, complicated, painful – but most importantly, true love is real. it’s that feeling of being inexplicably drawn to another person. love isn’t about finding someone who you can escape reality with. it’s about finding someone who makes reality worthwhile.




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