roadtrip: Sharks Fin Cove California HWY1


We both had the weekend off and since its been a while, Mj wanted to go to the beach just to get a tan and unwind. We got off work in the afternoon and drove out to Santa Cruz, which is a 2 and a half hour drive from Sacramento. We got there by night time so we walked down the pier to look for a spot to eat and check in for the nightIMG_4041

Early in the am we checked out and passed by the boardwalk and it was teeming with people so we drove on by and kept going. We followed the map headed out to the nearest scenic coast. As we kept driving and driving and trying to look for the perfect beach to lay our beach mat on, we saw this sharp fin from the water. Its approximately ten miles or 20 minutes from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and only less than a mile from the tiny town of Davenport.We saw a bunch of parked cars so we stopped and walked over to see it and there it was along the railroad tracks overlooking the perfect beach.


The path down the to beach was a little steep but not too difficult just be cautious and careful going down the dry dirt can be slippery. There was a handful of people enjoying the beach to our surprise.







When you get to the bottom you can get a better view of the Mines of Moria.


And the Sea Cave

IMG_4106There are no trash cans in this beach so whatever u came with here, you must carry it back up. I noticed the side just below the small tunnel was already filling up with trash, and graffiti is visible on the walls of the cove.


Although the water was unbearably cold to swim into, we enjoyed the rest of our time eating and getting fried chicken skin from the sun.



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