roadtrip: Yosemite Valley

My mom likes to make requests and will throw hints at me every now and then to go somewhere or to take her for a drive somewhere she has never been.


If you all didn’t know I am a sucker for road trips. Driving just about anywhere is one of my favorite things. I’ve always wanted to vlog my road trips but the idea of having one hand on the wheel and a camera on the other is not a very safe idea. But anyway my mom, my brother, and me all had labor day weekend off and had no idea or plans for that day but they wanted to go somewhere. With nothing planned or anything they had left it all to me to decide where to take them that day. I really had no clue so i told them to get in the car and my mom had suggested she wanted to check out the Stockton farmers market on the way. So here’s us grabbing some fruits, peanuts, and coconut juice for this road trip.

dried chili mangoes- my choice of driving snack, the spiciness wont make u sleep behind the wheel

After our stop at the stockton flea market,I finally asked them if they were up for the drive to Yosemite and ofcourse they both said yes and got excited. I was also excited because both my mom and my brother have never been to yosemite.

but first GAS!!

I do recommend to fill up your tanks before heading up, because as elevation rises so does the gas

mom saw the sign and immediately told me to pull over for a picture
nature is always ready for a picture

Just before entering the park there is a $30 entrance fee per car to pay at the tol.  As we were heading in a light traffic was already forming ahead of us. Then there it was we found ourselve stuck in traffic for 2hours inside the park, But it was expected i guess on a memorial day weekend. I just thank god for the beautiful views and the shady trees that kept us all calm in the car until we got to the Half Dome, the heart of the park.

mom and the Half Dome


mom and the Sentinel Rock
mom with the Yosemite falls

Yosemite is definitely views on views on views. We drove around the village for a bit then we headed up to the tunnel view.

mom and the Tunnel View
tunnel vision

After taking gazillion pictures of mom and this amazing view, we headed up to Glacier Point. Glacier Point is about 23 miles or 45mins on the gps from the Tunnel View, but can almost take more than an hour to get there. The road going up is very narrow and the max speed is 35mph, and also it all depends if ur driving after somebody really slow, It was almost sundown but i really wanted to show my mom the view from up at the top.

all smiles from the Glacier Point



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