roadtrip: Davenport Ca. HWY1

After spending the day at Sharks Fin Cove, on our way home we came across another hidden gem along the coast, I dont know exactly what they call this place but it is in Davenport just before the railroad tracks, we saw a bunch of people stopping and walking around so we did the same. This is the overlook here
and this is how you get down. The path down is very dangerous and collision prone so go down at your own risk. My legs were literally shaking going down and back up. I didnt wanna go and already made up my mind but while i was taking pictures from above mj was half way and left me no choice but to follow along.

theres this cool grafitti mural someone did with really cool art.

And heres a few images off mj’s attempt at the swing but the tide was too high and the waves just crashed againts the cement.


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