My first camping experience

Definitely doing it again!!

Last week, I went camping for the first time ever with my sister’s family, wifey, and my brother. I remember going to camp in the 6th grade for a week but we stayed in a cabin with heater, hot showers, and the sweet comforts of life. This time was the real thing, sleeping on the ground on a tent, out in the open, into the wild.

This camping had been planned a month ahead but for me it really didn’t sink in until the day before the trip. I ran to the store to buy a brand new tent and did a little grocery on what to take for the trip. I asked my brother if i should bring along the air mattresses, and he was like i’m cool with my sleeping bag, so I didn’t bother as well but I definitely regret this part.


As the afternoon came on that Saturday, we were on our way up to Lake Tahoe with all our camping gear. We got lost along the way, because the sister did not give the specific campground we were staying at but we eventually found them. We stayed at CAMP SHELLY, which is a privately owned campground and they charge $50 per night.


As soon as I got help setting up our pop-up tent, my brother lit the fire and had the surf n turf going on the grill. I took this time to relax in the hammock, and appreciate this moment of being outdoor, the fresh air and scent of pine trees,with the sound of nature in the  background.


If you”ve never gone camping definitely go with people that do it on the regular. My sister had everything we needed. I can only imagine if me and mj did this on our own for the first time we’d probably run to town, check in at a hotel, eat at a resto because we didnt know what to bring or expect.


This campground was definitely comfortable. I like the fact that there was a good amount of space between other campers. Each site had their own water source.


As the night caved in, we gathered around the fired, roasting marshmallows, drinking, and telling stories. By 11pm we decided to call it a night. Since we didnt bring an air mattress, we slept on the hard ground. We also didnt expect the chilly temperature at night so me and mj were fighting for the only tiny blanket we brought all night. But overall we slept through it.

The next morning, I suprisingly woke up real early. Walked around the woods and gathered pinecone for the fire,made myself a cup of coffee and was ready to explore. We were 5 minutes away to the Fallen Leaf Falls and it was still very early so it was the perfect time to go and see it and we did.

Getting here is not too bad but the road is no joke. It is very narrow and theres tons on potholes but all worth the trouble as you can see in the pic above. We even had to stop a few times, backed up,just to share the road with other passing cars.

On the way down we stopped to appreciate the beauty of Fallen Leaf Lake. Since our it was my little brother’s first time see Lake Tahoe we also detoured to see emerald bay before going back to the camp.

We moved to our second campground location which was at Fallen Leaf Campgrounds by noon. We were originally gona stay only at this camp but they were fully booked for Sat night.

Did a little exploring and found this cute little creek near our campsite.

we headed to the lake for some water,fun ,and sun around 3:00pm. The weather was nice, the water was a little cold but bearable. It brought back childhood memories as we use to swim in freezing ass waters when we were kids. Definitely love the part of this trip bonding with my sibs because the older we get the busier we get and its nice to spend quality time with the people you ❤️.




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