roadtrip: Point Reyes National Seashore and Lighthouse

Like age, distance is just a number. A quick tip from me when google calculates 100 miles or around 2hrs to your destination, slash of that extra 20 miles or 30 minutes from your head and think you’ll get there faster.That’s what I always set my mind to and it never fails. Ya’ll already know my obsession for Ca hwy 1, so here is another one.

My mom had been bugging me to take her somewhere new.On the day I dropped off Mj at the airport, I thought this was the perfect time to take my mom along and fulfill her wish. It’d be like taking a long detour on our way home to Sac. We stayed overnight at Sausalito then early the next morning we were on the road headed to Inverness Ca.

t drive a convertible but i wish i did for these kinds of drives. I've done this road multiple times but the views always leave me in awe.There is so mich to see along the way, even the smell of cows 🐮 is somewhat a scent to look forward to NOT.

Make a stop at the Cypress Tunnel Tree.

Spot this treasured wreck along the way. Enjoy the coastal line and the view of the Pacific

And once you get to the top, dare to take on the steps down to the lighthouse. I will warn you coming back up is very tiring but they have constructed resting spots in between the steps.

orange moss onthe rocks Ofcourse all that walking made us hungry so we stopped at a seafood spot in tomales bay called The Marshall Store for some dungenese crab.

Oh yea,dont forget to stop at Tomales Bay Oyster Company and grab your bag of 50. The freshest and most clean tasting ive ever had in my life.


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