Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Visited Pagudpud back in 09, this was probably my first official travel somewhere far. My sister who came for a vacation took us here while i was still in the Philippines at the time doing my nursing. I still remember every bit of this trip since it is one to never forget. Its 2017 and I know a lot has changed since then but its always nice to reminisce memories.

We left San Fernando City La Union, my hometown in the Philippines at around 12am. I remember I had gone out with a few buddies drinking, we actually passed out in the bar, all i remember was being woken up and as I try to open my eye my sister was at the bar ready to kill my ass.Headed home, took a shower, and I was asleep all throughout the trip to Laoag.

We got picked up by our van driver and had breakfast at a friends house then we hopped back in the van and off to Pagudpud we were. While on our trip we managed to explore these 10 places. I know probably a lot has changed in 7 years but definitely planning to visit on my next trip to the 🇵🇭.

1. Cape Bojeador LighthouseGo to the top view is amazing! 2. The Giant Windmills at Bangui

I never thought these were so huge up close and personnal.

3. Saud Beach The main beach aka where the hotels and happenings are at.

4.Kaibigan Falls Its not a walk in the park to get to this spot but definitely worth the refreshing swim at the end.

5. Bantay Abot Judging by its name its a mountain with a hole in the middle.

6. Timangtang rock

nice cool rock in the middle of the sea

7. Patapat Viaduct

long white squigly road

8. Agua Grand It seemed like a fun place to do whitewater rafting but we didnt try it.

9. Blue Lagoonnothing like an unspoiled beach with white sand and clear turquiose water 10. Explore the town Be like Dora and explore, explore, explore!


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