Roadtrip: Sonoma Coast/Napa Valley ( Birthday Roadtrip )

Mj wanted to go camping along the coast, somewhere not too far for her birthday and so we did. Bodega Bay was the closest ocean i can think off with beachfront camping but sadly all campgrounds tend to be full in months advance. Upon searching online I discovered which is like airbnb for camping but did not have any luck finding the perfect spot along the coast that was vacant for our particular dates, but i did find some cool glamping spots and camping spots for future preferences.

I love going to Bodega Bay and this drive was a piece of cake. We drove through the town of Petaluma and made a stop at Bodega Bay Oyster Company to grab a bag full of fresh oyster. Since this store had a opened a few years ago, it has grown into a neat little spot for picknicking. They now have snacks and drinks. If you spot my suv i have a sticker of this place from when they first opened up. I wanted to replace it but bummer they now sell them for $.50 lol

We checked in Chanslor Ranch to camp for the weekend. It is a private campground just past the Bodega Dunes Campgrounds. We were lucky to cop a spot that we were able to drive our car into. I will write a separate entry about our experience at chanslor ranch.

Heres an idea what i mean about being able to drive up your campsite. Thank god for awd.

This is our spot over looking the pacific ocean. We quickly unloaded the car, set up the camp and started cooking our late lunch.

While Mj worked on grilling the NY steak, I started shucking the oysters.


The next morning we went out to the beach to sightsee and take pictures. It was a lovely day, the sun was out,not so windy and freezing like how it always is in the coast.

We proceeded to drive up to the Russian river which is in Jenner Ca, about 15-20 minutes from Bodega Bay.

After our quick stop in Jenner, we took the dizzy road to Guernville then to Calistoga where we stopped at one of our favorite wineries, The Castello di Amorosa. We did not expect this place to be jam packed with people but I guess they were celebrating their 10th yr anniversary. We wanted to buy some wine but there was no way to buy it without having to pay for the general admission to get in, bummer. We’ll just buy em online sometime lol. We did hang out the vineyard and tasted the fresh grapes.

After that we drove left and right through other wineries until we got to St. Helena.I wanted to check out the V. Sattui winery but Mj was tired and just wanted to get to our next destination. We drove past a very narrow squiggly back road along lake Beryessa until we got to Santa Rosa where we did some shopping. And that was it we drove back home to Sacramento after.


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